Bill's Ticket Stubs

"The things you will see…"



Old Savannah Tours 2017

Tram tour of Savannah Georgia.

Point Pelee National Park 2016

Point Pelee National Park.

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African Lion Safari 2016

African Lion Safari.


Culloden Moor, Scotland 2013

Aquarium in Virginia.

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Toronto CN Tower 2012

Toronto CN Tower tour.

cn xx cn tower

Cavalia’s Odysseo 2012

Cavalia’s Odysseo show under the white big top.

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Harry Potter Exhibit 2010

Harry Potter exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre.

osc 10

Virginia Aquarium 2010

Aquarium in Virginia.

virg 10

Whale Watching 2008

Whale watching in Cape Cod.

hww 08 7h whale w 7

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